It's a Kinda Magic

Time: Doors 7pm, show 8pm. - At: Theatre Delicatessen

Tickets: £12 plus booking fee

Duo Bogof in association with Magic Night present:

It’s a Kinda Magic!

The Duo Bogof present their new show; It’s a kind of magic! But don’t be fooled into thinking this is an ordinary magic show, for the Duo Bogof aren’t just magicians, they are cinemagicians. Equipped with their trusty video camera, a few magic props and the belief that anything is possible, The Duo Bogof weave an illusion of theatrics, split-second timing and cinematic loop the loop whilst just about maintaining a civil working relationship post their divorce.

Through a darker lens, we catch a candid glimpse of the Bogofs’ private backstage life, into their secret fantasies, dark neuroses and dysfunctional relationship; Is the giant, magic rabbit merely a figment of Mr Bogof’s imagination? Where exactly does Mrs Bogof go when she vanishes from the magic box?

Is this the real thing or just fantasy?

It’s a Kinda Magic! pulls you through the cracks of their glittering showbiz facade, into a parallel universe, where illusion and reality are not only uncannily similar, they are often completely interchangeable.

Age restrictions - The show is 18+ only and contains full-frontal nudity

“The Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee of tech-savvy performance art, mixing light-fingered vintage variety schtick with mind-bending live-feed wormholery. Expect bespoke trickery and brand new turns. Think Tommy Cooper meets Jorge Luis Borges.”
Ben Walters, Time Out




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- Newsflash!

We are building a new show for the autumn, it's gonna be big, it's gonna be bad and it's gonna be brilliant!

It's a Magic Night show but this time we're taking you to Vegas (in London).

Tickets will be released soon.

Bring it!