21st Nov Magic Night

Time: Show 7.45pm (Doors 7pm) - At: Madame Jojo's

Tickets: £12, £25 meal and show, £14 OTD

Magic Night this November with psychic comedians, money from thin air, dangerous knife routines, psychic comedians and the huskily sung tunes by the ukulele toting Lady Carol.
Michael Vadini will be on the Magic Night stage producing water from no-where and making money appear and disappear whilst AJ will be endangering life, limb and the front row with sharp implements in ways no sane person should ever be allowed to do.
Meanwhile Peter Antoniou will sneak into your head and make psychic phenomena look entirely plausible, it would be scary if he weren’t quite so hilarious too and the beautiful Lady Carol will re-work some classic tunes with her smoke and whiskey drenched voice and a ukulele.
The Tommy Cooperesque Christian Lee will compere and also perform the best hand stab routine around.



A.J. the escapologist -

The best Knife juggling, skateboard riding escapologist this side of the UK.

Christian Lee -

Star of Sky One's 'Max Magic' and C4s 'Psychic Night'.
A modern day Tommy Cooper presents stunning magic that's not short on laughs. His bumbling, slightly inebriated persona whose tricks go hilariously awry leaves audiences guffawing. But don't be fooled, this is magic at its cleverest and funniest.
"Mighty Magical talents" Evening Standard
"Fabulous magic-riddled comic Christian Lee" Time Out.

Lady Carol -

A husky voiced songstress with 1940’s siren looks wows audiences with her dazzling smoke and whisky drenched voice as she hilariously covers songs by Nirvana, Radiohead and other pop bands, all accompanied by her trusty ukulele.

“Lady Carol oozes charisma and fun with a stunning but beautifully strange voice…. almost reduced me to tears and fits of giggles simultaneously.” 3 weeks Brighton 2009

“A husky-voiced songbird who puts delicious twists on cool tunes.” - ***** Metro,

Winner of Best Music Event at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2009

Pete Antoniou - Pete Antoniou is a mind reader. It's just that simple. Since an early revelation that he was able to sneak into people's minds and steal their thoughts Pete has dedicated his life to demonstrating these remarkable abilities. Using these amazing skills, his quick wit and background in improvised comedy, Pete quickly became an underground sensation. He now presents his own unique demonstrations around the country for sell-out theatre audiences and blue chip companies events. "People were talking about Peter's performance for weeks after" -- Southern Comfort "This man is Penon-mentally Good" -- Kerrang! "Peter Antoniou is without a doubt the most promising young illusionist and Mind Reader I have seen in fifteen years in the business" --Sweet Entertainments "Exceptional... His observational wit is as good as any stand-up" --Forge Press "Very entertaining and constantly surprising" -- Sure Radio

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- Newsflash!

We are building a new show for the autumn, it's gonna be big, it's gonna be bad and it's gonna be brilliant!

It's a Magic Night show but this time we're taking you to Vegas (in London).

Tickets will be released soon.

Bring it!