17th Oct Magic Night

Time: Show 7.45pm (Doors 7pm) - At: Madame Jojo's

Tickets: £12, £25 meal and show, £14 OTD

This Magic Night show has philosophical tricks, underpants, bread, beer and unusual assistants for magicians
Magic Night features some magical renegades and record breakers (sort of) this show, John Lenahan will be on stage with his hilarious tricks whilst Dee Riley will demonstrate Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’ in a beautiful and breath-taking piece of magic that will make you question reality.
Pete Heat, a Magic Night favourite will be with us too, and will be showing us the impossible using cans and mind control whilst Ultracadabra will be attempting to break a magical world record featuring Jon Hicks and his unusual assistant. All expertly compered by Matt Barnard, purveyor of beer tricks.



John Lenahan -

This subversive and show-stealing act has made kitchens appear, taught Bank of England staff to juggle, read thousands of minds and levitated a 20-pound Toblerone bar (yes you read that right).
John was one of the first magicians in 85 years to be expelled by the Magic Circle for revealing a card trick on TV. Unrepentant in a Johny Rotten kind of way, he’s been pushing the boundaries ever since and was the first magician to do Magic on the internet.
John has been described by The Guardian as ‘the mascot of a magical renaissance’ - and by Jackie Collins as ‘extremely good looking’.
Star of BBC’s ‘Secrets of Magic’ and ‘Stuff the white Rabbit’.

Pete Heat -

Surreal, irreverent, and downright amazing, lanky charmer Pete Heat will read your mind, steal your watch and entrance your mother-in-law, all in the same breath… Like Derren Brown crossed with Russell Brand – in the words of the NME, Pete is “the rock & roll magician”.
Funny, eloquent, slightly unhinged… Pete is no ordinary magician and this is no ordinary magic. Instead of card tricks and dad-jokes you’ll witness an invisible pizza, enchanted facial hair, a time-travelling Coke can, a psychicweasel, potential nudity and more insane tricks than you can fit in a small jar.
“excellent at what he does and also very, very funny… Essentially, the man’s what would happen if David Blaine was possessed by Noel Fielding’s sense of style and humour, with a show that’s exactly as mental and magnificent as that sounds”
★★★★★ FringeGuru
“the Channel 4 generation’s Houdini… The audience is artfully bewitched into an altogether unusual state of goofy awe… should absolutely not be missed”
★★★★ – Fest Magazine

Dee Riley -

"Dee Riley, multi award winning stage and close up cabaret style magician,He is the resident magician at both Madame Jojo's and The Crazy Bear. With his alternative image and witty persona Dee is unlike anyone you'd have been before"

Katy Perry (Singer)- "OH MY GOD? WOW!"

Matt Barnard -

Matt has performed across the world as a compere, actor, musician, and as a comedy juggler in his unique one man show. He has been seen on TV shows, at comedy clubs, variety cabarets and at street theatre festivals across Europe, in Canada, Singapore, Australia and uncountable appearances here in the UK.
He is the compere of the cult Sensation Seekers Stage at the Glastonbury Festival, was a resident star in the West End in one of London’s oldest variety shows and has performed his act at the world famous London Palladium.
He has won awards for his show including Best Solo Act at the Feldkircher Theatre Festival in Austria and as UK street performer of the year, and appeared in the Hollywood movie Mrs Henderson Presents in which he performed the famous sand-dance. He currently performs in the highly acclaimed touring Variety Show Slightly Fat Features.

Ultracadabra -

Master magician Jon Hicks and beguiling assistant Matt Barnard attempt to smash the world record for the most magic tricks performed in just 5 minutes with Illusions, Delusions, Delight and Glory.

Tackling a seemingly unbeatable long-standing record, set by Paul Daniels in 1984.
Of course a representative from Guinness World

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- Newsflash!

We are building a new show for the autumn, it's gonna be big, it's gonna be bad and it's gonna be brilliant!

It's a Magic Night show but this time we're taking you to Vegas (in London).

Tickets will be released soon.

Bring it!