3rd Oct Magic Night

Time: Show 7.45pm (Doors 7pm) - At: Madame Jojo's

Tickets: £12, £25 meal and show, £14 OTD

Magic Night’s tall stories, strange illusions and tricky couples.
We’ll be taking you to the realms of fantasy in this show with Ben Hart’s tricky yet compulsive stories as he weaves fantastical magic with narrative. The Duo Bogof prove that just because you are divorced doesn’t mean you can’t still create magic together – using a camera, a silver screen and some mind boggling tricks.
Pete Heat will show you the colour of his pants but only when you have dreamed about them first whilst Stephen Barry has an unusual effect on objects that is almost superhuman.
All expertly compered by mentalist sorcerer Magic Neil (or Neil Henry as he more commonly known to the utility companies).



Neil Henry -

Mighty sorceror Magic Neil (or Neil Henry as he is more formally known to the council tax people) is a Magic Night favorite, funny and supremely talented.

Ben Hart -

Ben Hart is a magician and magic designer. His performances are original, daring and always startling. His magic act has taken him around the world, where he breathes life into inanimate objects, makes them shrink or defy gravity, bends the laws of physics and turns the invisible visible...
His performances have been critically acclaimed and have won him won numerous awards, including The Magic Circle's "Young Magician of the Year" award 2007 and their highest award attainable through examination "Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star". His television work includes "The Sorceror's Apprentice" for the BBC and "The Dare" BBC.

Time Out and Soho Theatre TO&ST Award Nominee 2013

“To watch Hart’s spidery fingers at work is a show in itself… his sleight of hand is extraordinary” Time Out

“Stunning” The Scotsman

“Spellbinding” Time Out

“He has that certain kind of star quality one sees only once in a generation – one is not looking at trickery, but pure magic” The Magic Circle

Stephen Barry -

Stephen Barry is a multi award winning magician, mind reader, hypnotist and pick pocket who shatters all the cheesy clichés of a typical magician. You wont find any spotty silk handkerchiefs, bunches of flowers or rabbits in top hats. His performance style, sleight of hand, and audience interaction has made him a favourite amongst VIPs and celebrities

Duo Bogof -

For three generations the name Bogof has been synonymous with the world of stage magic.
The most recent pairing of Igor and Yelena Bogof have been creating magic since before they were married, and are still performing together, long after their divorce.

Pete Heat -

Surreal, irreverent, and downright amazing, lanky charmer Pete Heat will read your mind, steal your watch and entrance your mother-in-law, all in the same breath… Like Derren Brown crossed with Russell Brand – in the words of the NME, Pete is “the rock & roll magician”.
Funny, eloquent, slightly unhinged… Pete is no ordinary magician and this is no ordinary magic. Instead of card tricks and dad-jokes you’ll witness an invisible pizza, enchanted facial hair, a time-travelling Coke can, a psychicweasel, potential nudity and more insane tricks than you can fit in a small jar.
“excellent at what he does and also very, very funny… Essentially, the man’s what would happen if David Blaine was possessed by Noel Fielding’s sense of style and humour, with a show that’s exactly as mental and magnificent as that sounds”
★★★★★ FringeGuru
“the Channel 4 generation’s Houdini… The audience is artfully bewitched into an altogether unusual state of goofy awe… should absolutely not be missed”
★★★★ – Fest Magazine

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- Newsflash!

We are building a new show for the autumn, it's gonna be big, it's gonna be bad and it's gonna be brilliant!

It's a Magic Night show but this time we're taking you to Vegas (in London).

Tickets will be released soon.

Bring it!