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Griffin and Jones

Think magic, comedy, sex appeal... Think again!
Steve Griffin and Nathan Jones are a pair of comedians, grifters, tricksters, conmen and (on occasion) professional magicians - Imagine, a tall, ginger Paul Daniels, and a short, transvestite Debbie McGee!

With an emphasis on high energy comedy and fun, and a slew of original and unique tricks and stunts flowing freely from their twisted minds, Griffin and Jones are likely to have you glued to your seats and rolling in the aisles in equal measure - with a combination of sick stunts, slick tricks and great escapes (Steve McQueen not included!)

Whether trying to flog you their own brand of snake-oil, coerce you into playing one of their ridiculous games, or leaving you watching through your fingers in horror, these guys will not only leave you asking how they did it, but also why...
"Dirty Sanchez meets Derren Brown"-Open Comedy
"With some killer lines and a trouserriffic finale I would say "GO SEE" you'll laugh and be amazed all at the same time!"- The Gag Factory


- Newsflash!

We are building a new show for the autumn, it's gonna be big, it's gonna be bad and it's gonna be brilliant!

It's a Magic Night show but this time we're taking you to Vegas (in London).

Tickets will be released soon.

Bring it!

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