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Matt Hennem

A unique illusionist juggler, his exceptional physical skills with his manipulation of objects is guaranteed to leave audiences spellbound.

"Beyond awesome. . ." - Derren Brown
"a triumph. . . He conjures that rare magic that is no less entrancing for being simple." -
The Daily Telegraph
". . . simple and beautiful, inviting the suspension of disbelief as he seemingly levitated a crystal ball."
". .Matt Hennem stole the show with his crystal ball manipulation act. This was the highlight for me, during Matt's performance I looked around the room, to see everyone mouths agape, in stunned silence. He makes it looks like the crystal ball has a life of its own, it was incredible!" -
"The dance enraptured the audience, and Hennem received thunderous applause for his magical manipulation of the ball" -
Erotic Review


- Newsflash!

We are building a new show for the autumn, it's gonna be big, it's gonna be bad and it's gonna be brilliant!

It's a Magic Night show but this time we're taking you to Vegas (in London).

Tickets will be released soon.

Bring it!

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