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Lady Carol

A husky voiced songstress with 1940’s siren looks wows audiences with her dazzling smoke and whisky drenched voice as she hilariously covers songs by Nirvana, Radiohead and other pop bands, all accompanied by her trusty ukulele.

“Lady Carol oozes charisma and fun with a stunning but beautifully strange voice…. almost reduced me to tears and fits of giggles simultaneously.” 3 weeks Brighton 2009

“A husky-voiced songbird who puts delicious twists on cool tunes.” - ***** Metro,

Winner of Best Music Event at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2009


- Newsflash!

We are building a new show for the autumn, it's gonna be big, it's gonna be bad and it's gonna be brilliant!

It's a Magic Night show but this time we're taking you to Vegas (in London).

Tickets will be released soon.

Bring it!

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