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MAGIC NIGHT is London's top destination for cutting edge cabaret, offbeat variety acts and of course magic! At our fortnightly shows at Madame Jojo's, you'll find Sorcery, Comedy, Music and Physically impossible feats. Forget rabbits n hats, this is magic as you've never seen it before!

At Magic Night, we grabbed groundbreaking magic acts from around the world, mixed 'em up with some of the circuit's hottest variety and cabaret acts, turned up the music, tied it up, made it disappear, escaped from water then breakdanced all over it.

To find out more see our next show coming up below or click on events above to see all our forthcoming shows, please note Magic Night is an 18 and over show only.

Come and find out why we are a continuous critics choice and make other shows look like....well....just shows.

- May 2nd Magic Night


£12, £25 meal and show, £14 OTD

Magic Night gets fighty, philosophical and star struck this show.
Young and Strange (both strange and young) show long-term relationships can sometimes go awry and use magic to punish each other in the most spectacular ways with boxes and spikes. Meanwhile Dee Riley neatly demonstrates Descartes theory of I think therefore I am in a beautiful piece of magic, then plays with bottles.
Have you ever known what someone was going to say before they said it? Well meet Peter Antoniou, he knows..... MORE

02/05/2014 - I think therefore I'm magic!

Dee Riley uses magic in a very impessive demonstration of Descartes theory of existence on May 2nd... I think, therefore it's magic!

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